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Driver Ed in a Box

Driver Education Textbook

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."  You need the right tool for the right job, and that's what you get with Driver Ed in a Box®.  That's what makes Driver Ed in a Box® unique - you get appropriate tools to teach the specific tasks to train the beginning driver in the techniques of collision-free driving.  No one else has anything comparable to this system.



Driver Ed In a Box Textbook

Driver Ed in a Box – The Textbook is a 362+ page textbook. The textbook is available in electronic format or paper format. This textbook is written by nationally recognized driver training expert, Patrick L. Barrett, and specifically designed to start new drivers on the way to a lifetime of collision-free driving. The textbook and support materials are fully integrated, each piece working with all other parts of the course to reinforce the concept of habit building. This textbook lays the groundwork for the student to understand the concepts that will be taught and practiced in the vehicle.

The textbook is divided into 3 sections:

Section I. Before you Drive covers basic rules of the road, traffic laws, right-of-way situations and course background.

Section II. Techniques of Collision-Free Driving contains the practical elements of collision-free driving to take you from point A to point B safely and easily. You will progress from the parking lot to the neighborhood, to light traffic, to heavy traffic. Also covered are road testing, adverse conditions, and handling emergencies. This section matches up with what you are learning on the videos, and goes right along with what you are actually experiencing as you work behind-the-wheel with your parent/coach. The Check Lists and Coaching Tips in the Parent Companion that your parent/coach is using also match the textbook.

Section III. Social & Consumer Issues covers the social, economic and environmental aspects of driving. This also includes how alcohol (and other drugs), emotions and attitude affect driving performance. In addition, this section includes vehicle ownership (buying, leasing, insuring and maintaining a vehicle), and environmental issues.

Item 101 comes with the textbook in electronic format integrated into the 3 Interactive CD-ROMs.

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